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Bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms in your house because it’s a place where you begin and end your activity within the day. There are different types of bathrooms and one of which is called “Half Bathroom/Half Bath” that is considered as the smallest type of them all. Half bathrooms are also identified as “powder rooms”, “guest bathrooms” or “2-piece bathrooms” that usually has a sink and a toilet but no bathtub and shower.

However, not all families and houses have this type of bathroom since it’s not the standard type that every family must have. On the other hand, despite being small in terms of space, you can easily make this small bathroom attractive and interesting through putting up unique designs, materials, and decor. So how can you decorate your half bath to make it comfortable and functional at the same time?

*Observe cleanliness

This is the most basic and most important thing to remember. Regardless of the type and size of your bathroom, always keep it clean. Well, your house as a whole must be clean as well. Always.

*Maximize the space

Though it is the smallest, there are numerous ways to make it look bigger. One of these is choosing the right accessories, perhaps a pedestal sink that will add floor space, or open shelves that will help maximize your storage space, or a huge mirror that will double the visual space in your bathroom. It also helps to remove unnecessary items especially those that are space consuming.

*Play with colors

It is easier to experiment with various colors because of its size but make sure that the colors will complement your accessories and decorations. However, the best color choice would still be something that will make your half bathroom space look bigger.

*Cabinet and drawer space

It is your choice whether to put a cabinet and drawer inside your guest room. Supposing you want one, the first thing you need to do is to sort things out on what necessities you have to put inside the cabinet. This way, you’ll be able to choose a cabinet that is enough for your storage and space.

*Significance of the wall space

Notice the wall, except for the paint and its design, it’s plain and empty so why not use it! Basically, you can put a small cabinet or a piece of furniture to add extra storage and design.

*Prepare the necessities

You want your guests and visitors to experience the best of your home. So one way of making them feel like home is by stocking your half bathroom with the basic necessities they might forget to pack like soap, bath towel, cotton buds, cotton balls, toothpaste, toothbrush, and shampoo.

*Avoid clutter

Since there are numerous decorations and accessories available in the market these days you might put all that you want which will then cause mess in this small room. Just remember to avoid clutter therefore, put only those things that are needed and matches the design of your bathroom.

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