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If there is one thing I had to say that I could always count on for relaxation, it would be a nice hot bath. Many people bathe in a bath on a regular basis versus taking a shower. While there are those who take a bath as a luxury or as a choice, there are also those that have to bathe in a bath because of old age or disability factors. In these cases, a special line of bathtubs are necessary if you want to guarantee safety. A walk-in bathtub is an awesome way to safely and comfortably enter a bath if you struggle with getting in a standard tub.

What is a walk-in bathtub? Essentially, it is a tub designed to help people bathe safely and easily. It was primary created to help people bathe on their own without someone helping them get in and out of the tub. A walk-in tub eliminates stepping over a wall. Trying to make it over the bathtub wall and into the tub can be very dangerous! Someone can slip and fall and seriously hurt themselves. This new style tub makes is an easy entrance and exit to and from your bath. It is no wonder why their alias name is a “safety tub”! The seat inside the tub is actually the standard height of a chair and the door seals shut completely when closed – no water will leak from the door area. Doors that swing in and doors that swing out are two options that consumers have when deciding which tub to go with. Typically, the doors that swing in are the more popular choice because the water pressure tightens the seal when the door is shut.

Who are they for? They are for people with a handicap, the elderly, or those with limited mobility. However, of course anyone can purchase and use one. If you are building or remodeling the home you plan on retiring in, installing a walk-in bathtub is certainly a practical idea.

Where can you put your walk-in bathtub? You can put one anywhere that has a plumbing connection available. The product is freestanding and can be installed in a closet, bathroom, laundry room, or virtually anywhere with a plumbing access.

Since safety is the number one priority when buying a walk-in bathtub, it is ALWAYS encouraged to test out the product before installing one in your home. There may be a small step that some struggle stepping over to get into the bath. However, people that use a walker should have no problem entering over the step.

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