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The home is the place where we can relax after long hours of work. But how can it be relaxing when you saw the remaining hairs of your pet on the floor? That’s quite a big issue most especially if you have visitors. They might get disappointed. You tried to sweep it manually but the hairs are still there. What will you do now? Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t do the job well. Would you rather wash the carpet and let it dry for a few days or would you decide to invest for a powerful vacuum cleaner? As you may know, there are a lot of vacuum models on the market today and choosing one is absolutely difficult.

When searching online, you may find that Bissell 9400 Proheat 2x is one of the leading vacuum cleaners. The reviews of the product are all positive. When checking popular websites like Amazon, you will see that many costumers from all over the world were happy with the performance of this tool and I am proud to be one of them. This tool has many features that you’ll never find to other vacuums out there.

On the first place, Bissell 9400 not only removes the dirt but also the remaining hairs from your pet. Typically most vacuums are only designed to brush the floor using a dry brush roller. But this one is different as it features built in heater that is capable of heating the water at about 190 degrees. As you may not know, hot water is perfect for cleaning the remaining dirt rather than cool or tap water. With this type of vacuum cleaner you can assure that your home is asthma and allergy free!

Bissell 9400 Proheat 2x comes with two types of brushes. The first one is designed mainly to remove the dirt from the carpet while the other one is truly intended to clean the edges. In addition to that, the tool also has the capability to customize the cleaning solution and change the cleaning settings from light clean to heavy traffic settings. This means, you don’t have to spend some effort in mixing the cleaning solution because the tool will do it for you.

Additional features:

  • Turbo Brush
  • 30 foot power chord
  • 12 amp motors that features two rows of brushes known as DirtLifter
  • 2 in 1 tank
  • Scotchgard for keeping the carpet perfectly clean

HEPA Filter that has the ability to trap 99.97% of airborne particulates

Overall, I can say this tool is perfect for keeping your carpets, furniture and stairs perfectly clean. But before I forget, this tool is durable as well. I bought my Bissell 9400 Proheat 2x 5 years ago and still it performs the job well. I’m grateful because I was given a chance to try this product and make a review out of the results I’ve seen. I’ll give my two thumbs up for this product.

If I were you, stop wasting your time fixing your old and noisy vacuum. Try this Bissell 9400 Proheat 2x for yourself and be amazed with the results it could bring. You will never regret because performance of this cleaning product deserves for its price!

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