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If you want to provide ultimate protection for your car, you are searching for nothing but a quality garage. Nowadays, garages are essential in housing automobiles of various sizes and types. Decide whether you want a huge or a rather a moderately sized one. As there are garages in simple design, there are also those that can be constructed having several storage kinds. An example of the latter can include one with an attic. In constructing an attic in a garage, here are the steps to take.

  • First of all, take a measurement from the corner of the rear wall of the anticipated location of the attic then blot the wall on equal sides.
  • Open the side wall hollow space from the four-foot mark going to the rear wall if the walls are done. The cavity must be not less than one foot in width and it must run from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Search for a stud in the wall opening which the new post would be constructed against an extra support. It is not likely that both exterior walls would have studs in similar location. Therefore, put more studs as needed to pair the similar measurement from the rear wall along every side wall.
  • Take a measurement from the floor of the garage going up. There are two options namely headroom which can be gauged from the lowest end or the joist hanger which is about six inches from the beam’s top portion. After having made a choice of which measurement to take, blot the studs subsequently to the area where the posts would be set up.
  • Take a measurement of the garage’s width entailing the hollow space into every lateral wall which is the length of the beam to be used.
  • Purchase the beam which is a micro-laminate from a lumberyard in your area. Ascertain that you are sure of your width measurements since these beams are costly and weighty. The lumberyard staff will compute the beam’s size and cut it for you.
  • Gauge and blot the lateral wall studs which are the height of the beam. The above mark signifies the top portion of the joists utilizing joist hangers.
  • Make use of a stud finder to search for studs in the rear wall. After which, put a two by six ledger board the entire garage’s width with the acme of the ledge pairing the dimension of the projected acme of the beam.
  • Proceed with cutting the support posts and nail them to the nearby studs in the lateral walls. These posts must be the appropriate height for the base of the beam.
  • Raise and set up the micro-laminate beam with the aid of many friends and ladders. Relax the beam on the posts already positioned then instantly support, block as well as nail the beam into place.
  • Utilize joist hangers from the acme of the beam to the acme of the ledger on the rear wall and hang the joists at twenty-four inches on the middle then rivet the joists and joist hangers into place.
  • Lastly, put down the plywood sheet crosswise the joists then nail or rivet the plywood into place and trimming when needed.

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