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Everyday, we come across many different types of products out there that are made from cork. For instance, you will see cork being used in offices in bulletin boards, fine wine bottles as stoppers and even in labs as flask covers. In addition to this, you will also find cork being used in residential houses and commercial establishments for interior flooring. Cork flooring has been one of the most topnotch options of flooring that have been used widely especially in construction companies. So, there are many pros associated with this type of flooring that makes it such an awesome material that you can use in your home as described here below.

Eco- friendliness

Perhaps one of the main benefits that you reap by using cork tile is the fact that this type of flooring boasts of being very eco- friendly. It is no longer a secret that most places in the world are nowadays becoming very environmentally conscious and nearly everyone is concerned with the need to protect the environment. As such, most people are nowadays opting for building materials and products that cause the least kind of harm to the environment. Ranging from the production of this flooring ton its installation and other aspects associated with it, this flooring guarantees you unmatched friendliness to the environment.

Usually, the bark of the cork oak tree acts as the main source of cork and this tree is found mainly in Mediterranean region. According to scientists, this tree can live for as many as 250 years and a layer of its bark can be removed from it after every 9 years. Removal of a thin layer ensures that the tree continues to grow and after 9 years, it is going to be harvested again and this helps ensure that the tree is able to live to its expected life expectancy.

Unique characteristics

The next reason behind the ever increasing popularity of cork flooring has everything to do with the unique characteristics of this type of floor. Although cork is generally soft, it is also very durable and this assures buyers of the best value for their hard earned money. The material actually acts like a very thin cushion once used for flooring. In addition to this, the flooring can also be produced in a wide range of sizes and shapes and this means that it can easily match the room’s overall theme.

The highly durable nature of cork tile means that it boasts of having a very long lifespan. When a portion of the tile is damaged, this can be repaired easily by some recoating and sanding. In addition to this, the floor is non- toxic, resistant and is able to hinder growth of bacteria, mildew and molds.

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