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You should be looking for rubber matting if your matting needs to last a long time, be strong and durable, as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Custom logo rugs are one of the strongest materials. Even though there are many other resilient materials available, rubber mats have the advantage of being easily recyclable. This is especially important in today’s climate of increasing carbon footprints, carbon-negative businesses and practices, as well as climate change. Rubber matting has the advantage of being both durable and sustainable.

Custom logo rug are typically made from nitrile rubber. It is suitable for heavy duty applications. Rubber matting is also made from recycled rubber. This material is perfect for environments and applications that require less punishment. The matting has a textured, non-slip surface to provide traction. It also comes with drainage holes and slats which allow liquids or water to drain from the surface. Some rubber mats can be anti-fatigue and come with a bubbled surface or additional padding.

Rubber matting is versatile in its use and is therefore available as a range of different formats to enable customers to choose the one that best suits their needs. The following matting options are available:

Entrance doormats: These are standard size mats that can be used both by residential and commercial properties. They are mostly made of molded material and can be ordered from the manufacturer in various sizes and styles.

Rubber rolls: These thin mats can be purchased in rolls and can accommodate different sizes. They are useful for covering larger areas, such as passageways, corridors, or pathways. The roll format allows you to cut them to any size, shape or dimension.

Rubber tiles that interlock: These rubber tiles are versatile and adaptable to your space needs. They are also more affordable. It is best to replace the entire mat with damaged tiles if the mat sustains any damage.

Let’s now see how rubber matting is used in commercial buildings.

Rubber Entrance mats

Entrance mats are required to remove dirt, mud and grime from shoes’ soles, as well as keep the reception area and lobby clean. Entrance mats need to be strong and capable at scraping boot soles. They should also be cleaned often, since they get so much dirt. Rubber mats perform well in all these areas. Rubber mats are made of nitrile or recycled tires and are strong and durable. Dura flex 300 and Dura Flex 320 rubber rugs are specially designed to remove dirt from the soles. It is easy to clean rubber mats with water or a scrub with a toothbrush. You do not need to dry clean or vacuum. These mats can also withstand severe outdoor weather conditions, and they are very easy to install.

Rubber Runner

Rubber runners are widely used in commercial spaces. Rubber runners can be used both as runners inside and outside the building, in corridors and passages. They can also be used at gyms to prevent skidding when working out. Rubber mats can protect floors from possible damage by equipment or weights. Rubber mats are ideal for use around pools or in commercial kitchens. Rubber runners protect floors in workshops against grease, chemicals and engine oils, which can cause damage to flooring. Rubber matting is a protective layer against the possibility of damage from machine parts and falling objects. Rubber runners protect warehouse goods from dirt, moisture, and dirt. Rubber runners come in rolls, and can be cut to size.

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