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Selecting new carpet can seem overwhelming. If you think of the standard process: drive to a big box or flooring store and look at samples; Borrow samples; Then find out that they look different at home and now repeat the process two or three times or until you find the best color and match in your home with your existing furnishings, wall colors, window treatments, etc.

Some people aren’t good at selecting color. Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t, but sometimes colors, styles and trends emerge that you may not be aware of. A homeowner has a lot to lose – namely their investment just spent in new flooring, IF they select a poor color or outdated style. Could you imagine home buyers looking at homes and having to choose their next home by the type of flooring that’s installed. Well, believe it or not – people do!

If you have a list of ten homes to see and two have brand new carpet, that immediately rise to the top of your list for consideration.

If you are a homeowner, you’ll want to pick something YOU like, not necessarily so plain as “escrow beige cut-pile,” but maybe pattern carpet or a bolder color. As a homeowner it can be fun looking at all the different colors of new carpet. Newer carpet styles also somehow tend to have the best color lines. Seems as the technology changes and improves over time, colors and dying techniques also improve.

Be sure to begin your “carpet color previewing” as soon as practical. In fact, if you happen to be in an area or store that sells flooring, wander through the department, if not for anything else but to just look at the product colors. Next time your shopping for light bulbs or a plunger, swing by the flooring department and take in the colors of the latest products.

For best price, we still like a quality referral to a competent vendor in our area that has a track record of taking care of their clients. In lieu of that, we like to create a “bidding war” with two credible companies, maybe three. This way the different vendors are sharing their best products with you. Note, you’ll want to see upgrades and downgrades of products you like in your category, to make sure you find the perfect balance of price and performance. And, your final decision must also consider the best installation crew. Hopefully, the companies you are considering have relevant websites with project pictures of actual job sites, products and installations you can view to validate the quality you are looking for.

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