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People are always looking for newer ideas in flooring, and what better to meet the challenge than hand scraped wood floors. Nowadays, distressed hardwood is widely gaining acceptance among homeowners when doing their floor to give them more character. The process involves wire brushing, sculpting, aging the wood, and scraping. All these processes together give more texture and character to the floor.

Hardwood is available from the close-grained wood that is harvested from deciduous species that sheds its leaves. Although the term has no direct comparison with the actual hardness of the wood, but the density of this wood is usually more compared with the softwood species. The common variety of hardwood species that are found around are ash, alder, white oak, cherry, red oak, and maple. The Brazilian cherry or Jatoba is yet another popular species that is noted for its hardness and aesthetic value and is widely used for flooring.

There is more variety of hardwood species than softwood, about a hundred times more when compared with softwoods. Accordingly, a variety of styles, types and finishes of products are available. The reason for these products to become so popular is the easiness of cleaning and maintaining and adding more value to the home. These hardwoods are mostly found in the sub tropical regions. It is the toughness and heaviness with a compact texture that make it so useful. The typical use of this material is in furniture, flooring and other fine interior finishes.

The distressed variant of the products are usually fit in homes that have rustic settings. But in recent times, hand scraped wood floors are getting more uses in elegant settings. The distressed variant matches well in oriental themes, as the rooms get a strong but warm ambiance that go beyond design.

Going for Hand scraped Hardwood Floors

Among the different distressed varieties, hand scraped wood floors provide a unique characteristic that is not to be found with other varieties. Their designs and colors are so rich in themselves that they tend to be the main feature of a room. They are great to pull off a surprise in a room or pull together a look. Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for a floor!

Hand scraped wood floors are found in showrooms and flooring stores. The products are prefinished materials, meaning distressing had been done in the factory before coming to the market. A wide variety of designs and species are there to choose from, and homeowners will not find it difficult to find the right distressed product that meets their needs and budget.

While more and more suppliers and distributors are working with these unique floor options, one can opt to buy the regular variant and have a professional do the job of distressing them. One can use different techniques to add a touch of art of their own to create a floor that truly showcases a personal touch and reflect the homeowner’s design tastes.

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