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If you are the handyman at home, you must be prepared for any kind of plumbing problem that may arise. There are some minor plumbing issues that don’t require professional plumbers but you’ll need to have the necessary tools to carry out these repairs.

For instance, you might experience a clogged drain, a broken or leaking faucet or a burst pipe. To attend to these kinds of repairs, you must have the right instruments in your plumbing toolbox.

These include hacksaws, cutters, wrenches, torches and many others. To ensure that your toolbox is complete and that you’re ready for any plumbing emergency, check the list below and learn about the necessary tools you need to have.

1. Hacksaws are used to cut pipes that are either made of metal or plastic. These tools make use of blades that come in different sizes and types. You will choose blades depending on how you want to cut the pipe.

2. Cutters or tubing cutters are also essential to any plumber. These are used to cut through copper pipes. When using these tools, you’ll notice that there’s going to be some uneven edges on the pipe. Just use a file to make the edges smooth.

3. Wrenches are said to be the plumber’s best friend. These come in different types which include the basin wrench, the pipe wrench, the spud wrench and many others. All of these have their own respective functionalities.

4. You’ll also need pliers which come in different varieties. There are water pump pliers and tongue-and-groove pliers which are used to grip, hold and turn something.

5. Though claw hammers are mostly used in carpentry, you’ll also find them valuable in your plumbing toolbox. These are used to pound or extract nails from any object.

The above mentioned tools are not the only ones you’ll need to carry out plumbing repairs. You may also want to equip yourself with screwdrivers, tape measure, socket sets, files, Allen keys, chisels, flashlight, trowel, wire strippers and safety gloves.

Making use of the right plumbing supply for your household plumbing tasks will prevent the onset of unwanted accidents. For starters, you may want to make use of 2nd hand tools since they are somehow costly when purchased all at the same time.

But if you have the budget, it is always better to purchase brand plumbing tools from a reliable and trustworthy place. If you happen to live in New Jersey, look for the most reputable plumbing supply in NJ that sells quality tools.

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