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Every building needs a solid plumbing system. This is why plumbers have such a high demand business. There are so many common problems in the house hold with plumbing that it is essential to get routine maintenance in order to avoid bigger problems later.

The most common plumbing problems involve plugs, clogs, leaks and drips. Dripping faucets can be caused by the interior of the knobs not being tight enough or the washer being worn out. It sounds simple enough to repair but if it’s done wrong it can actually cause your pipes to shake like a jack hammer and they can cause the water to either not turn off, make your gas or electricity bill go through the roof if it is the hot water handle wasting all the water, or even burst because of the pressure problems. This will damage your system to a whole new budget level that could have cost you a lot less. If it is taken care of right away then it can be easily fixed.

One of the most common problems is when there is a leak, the homeowner doesn’t know what type of washer to buy to replace the worn out one. There are so many different types of sink washers. You can remove the washer and bring it to a plumbing supply store, or you can call a plumber to come and do it for you because they will be equipped with all of the right tools and parts that they need to fix problems exactly like this. Common washers include the ball spring, modular and cartridge types and also the stem/washer/seat combination. This can definitely get confusing for someone who doesn’t do this professionally and wouldn’t know where to start with matching the look of something to the name of something.

Clogged toilets are a big issue because sometimes the clog can be so deep and tight that it will need special tools to get the clog loose. This can happen to anyone. It can happen to any home. All it takes to avoid it is cleaning and being careful about what and how much you flush. Common plumbing problems can worsen if they are ignored, and emergency plumbers can get expensive.

Plumbers are available (in some cases) around the clock so you can call them if there is an emergency. It is probably going to cost you more if you call someone at 3:30 AM as they are most likely sleeping and will be doing an on-call shift. But none the less they will be there quickly to help your damage be resolved.

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