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Although concrete resurfacing can be performed with satisfactory results as a do-it-yourself project, you are well-advised to hire a professional contractor for the job for several reasons. A professional contractor has the necessary tools and techniques for the job, not to mention that he can perform additional jobs such as making decorative concrete patterns on the surface.

But you must ensure that, indeed, you have hired the best professional resurfacing contractor for the job. Keep in mind that the costs for concrete resurfacing can quickly double when the first job was done incorrectly in any way. Here are 7 tips in choosing the best professional contractor who will be able to give you the best value for your money.

#1 Ask for Licenses, Permits and the Like

Your first step is to ask the prospective resurfacing contractors for their licenses as professionals as well as their permits to operate their businesses. Said documents should obviously be issued by the State of Florida and its concerned instrumentalities. But don’t just settle for the documents presented by the contractor -check with the government agencies just to be on the safe side.

#2 Look at the Reputation

Aside from the usual recommendations from family, friends and colleagues about their concrete resurfacing experiences with professional contractors, you should also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is a non-profit organization that serves as an important intermediary between businesses and consumers. Just log in to their official website and check about the types of consumer complaints against the contractors.

#3 Look for Workers’ Compensation

Without workers’ compensation in place, you as the client of the professional contractor can be in deep trouble when one of the workers assigned to the job becomes injured or ill while in the workplace. Without it, you can be privy to the lawsuit filed by the employee against his employer, the professional contractor. The logic is simple: No insurance, no possibility for being hired.

#4 Check for Tax Status

In Florida as in the rest of the United States, concrete resurfacing businesses that pay the right amount of taxes at the right time are considered as more reliable than those that do not. Besides, checking about the contractors’ tax status will also be to your benefit; keep in mind that the resurfacing contract involves taxes. Check with the website to investigate this matter.

#5 Check the Testimonials

Most, if not all, professional contractors have websites. Check out these websites for reliable customer testimonials but be more specific about video testimonials; written testimonials are often fake.

#6 Ask for a List of Client References

Don’t settle for just a handful of references – ask for at least 10 client references. Be sure to check out these references either by calling the clients or visiting their addresses. You want to ensure that, indeed, the client references were genuine and that the work done was satisfactory especially when decorative concrete patterns are involved.

#7 Ask for Written Quotes

Avoid signing any contract until you have gathered and compared written quotes from several contractors. Think of it the contract as sealing the deal in concrete – or under concrete resurfacing work, for that matter.

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