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When dealing with landscaping, there are certain issues that will be a bit problematic for you. Fortunately, the following list includes some of the most “popular” problems that can appear in this situation and solutions to them.

Drainage issues

The problems in drainage can be found especially in the flat yards and in those that have a dense soil and a high water table. An improper drainage can lead to puddles in different parts of your landscaping. Excessive water can kill fragile plants. So, the proper thing to do is to install an underground system of drainage or a French drain. The opposite can also happen and there might appear areas that can’t retain sufficient water to feed the plants. In this situation, set short retaining walls all over the perimeter of the yard.

Address wind issues

Wind can also be a problem that can affect the way landscaping chores are done and also you and your friends mood. One of the solutions would be to create a wall (fences, plant trees, shrubs) that can block the wind.

Each landscape is unique. This is why you have to choose the right plants for every situation. They can bring shade, prevent noise and hide unpleasant neighbors. So why fight nature when you can work with it side by side, in order to create something beautiful.


Other things that might give you a hard time are the ugly downspouts or the electric boxes. Do some research, think well and observe what eyesores stick out more. If there isn’t anything you can do, include natural elements as shields (arbors, painted objects, bamboo trees etc.)


Hills have two options: either they stay or they are eliminated. Try to build an elevated deck into one side of the hill or even put the basis of a terraced garden that includes retaining walls. This can work out great. Also if the hill is not too steep, grade the property in order to reduce or eliminate the height completely.

Nibblers of the night

Lots of house owners have dealt with the issue of night visitors (deer and other kind of wildlife). Rabbits and deer are crazy about green vegetation and they are always up for different challenges. In order to keep away the animals that ruin your landscape, try to include plants that they do not eat (black-eyed Susans, lavender). Dog decoys have also proven to be quite useful to scare deer away.


More often than not, the problems present in landscaping (weak blooms, patchy growth) appear as a result of a faulty soil. Hire a professional to take a sample of your soil or take one yourself to a county extension office. Depending on the results, you will know how to work with the soil.

Even if you are not keen on receiving help, from time to time it wouldn’t hurt to ask for the help of a professional. Experts might offer solutions that you have missed and improve your landscaping in a unique manner.

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