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During the colder months, many animals and pests seek refuge indoors. Various rodents, spiders and cockroaches all tend to make their way into houses and offices to survive the winter. Before the fall season begins, animal and pest control is extremely important to prevent and eliminate infestations and, by extension, potential diseases.

Because rodents can often carry diseases, such as salmonella, and can potentially cause structural damage to your home, it is imperative that you take the proper precautions to keep them at bay. However, it is often not safe to attempt this without a professional. If you suspect that there may be a rodent nest in your attic or basement, the best option for animal control is to have a specialist come to inspect your home.

Pest control is also important before the fall season beings. Like rodents, cockroaches also have the ability to spread diseases through their droppings and saliva, which can cause health problems, especially in small children. Similarly, spiders will bite if they feel threatened, causing potential danger to their victims.

The key to preventing these problems is found in being proactive prior to the cold months. Here are a few steps you can take home to optimize your animal and pest control:

• Repair any damaged window or door screens

• Install screen vents to cover chimney openings

• Make sure cracks and openings outside your home are sealed – be sure to pay special attention to areas where utilities and pipes enter

• Keep food in airtight containers and take your garbage out in sealed bags

• Be sure your basement foundation is sealed

• Fix any leaking pipes or clogged drains to eliminate any moisture

• Keep firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and maintain all shrubbery

Try to take advantage of the fall weather when taking on these tasks; making home repairs in the cold of winter is never ideal, so act now. If you have had a problem with animal or pest control in the past, fall is the time to ensure that your home will not become infested again. Attempting to remove an existing or growing infestation on your own is extremely dangerous. Contacting a professional or a company that has experience in animal and pest control is the safest and most efficient choice. After your services for animal and pest control are complete, be sure to have your pest specialists take any steps necessary to prevent any future infestations.

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