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Let’s face it: homes are becoming immense and get larger every several years or so. In an age where homeowners attempt to increase the value of their home, they tend to opt for size by adding extra bedrooms, storeys and screen rooms. For homes that are gigantic in size and scope, fences are usually an unfit match, but what would be the aesthetic and secure solution?

As motorists sometimes drive through areas with million-dollar homes, they notice that these residences maintain gates. The purpose of these installations is for security, protection and perhaps even defense against potential intruders. In the end, gates offer peace of mind for the family.

By increasing privacy and security, homes are far less likely to be targeted by burglars because it warrants enhanced effort and increased barriers to overcome. (Of course, another benefit is that even prompts salesmen and solicitors to stay away from your home.)

How much does the whole thing cost? One would think the price tag would be astronomical, but it isn’t. The national average security gate installation ranges from a minimum of $600 to as high as $5,000, but the average amount is approximately $2,000 – it does really depend on ready-to-install packages versus customized or semi-customized designs.

If you’re in the market for a security gate, here are some gates to consider on your journey to home security and safety.

Standard gate

A standard gate is usually made with aluminum, iron or steel bars and does not come with any other features other than it standing and remain as a hurdle from outsiders. It requires the homeowner to open and close the gate themselves rather than having a sensor or remote. This can be purchased for about $800.

Automatic gate

There are a few different automatic gate types: swinging, bi-parting sliding, for instance, and are likely to be aluminum, iron or steel. These are battery operated, low voltage and are safe and affordable. Aside from security features, automatic gates can also come with nice designs that add to the eloquence of large homes. A ready-to-install automatic gate costs about $3,000.

Maximum security gates

Maximum security gates are equipped with all of the security features you would expect with the term “maximum security,” including automatic opening, in-ground vehicle sensors, wireless motion, automatic gate locks operated by a code and various cameras. These are certainly impressive, but also costly: more than $10,000 (conservative estimate).

When shopping around for security gates, there are a number of factors that homeowners have to consider before choosing a security gate. Some of these consist of determining your needs, what type of soil would be suitable for the chosen gate and what motor will operate the gate, especially if the gate is remarkably heavy.

It can certainly be agreed upon that security gates are a perfect security solution for when you’re on vacation, regularly away on business trips or if you have a family and their safety are of the utmost importance. Whether you’re at home or away, maintaining the security of your home offers a reprieve from constant worrying.

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