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Buying Locks On-Line is a very easy way to find the correct lock for you needs. However, there may be times that it might be better to call Locksmith. Such as if you needed locks for your house or business and you are not able to install these yourself. In most other circumstances buying locks on-line is a very good way to find security that serve your needs.

Not all On-Line lock stores are created equal. Some will take them off the shelf and ship them. You can’t order anything special such as keyed alike or keyed different. Also, some stores are not “Lock People” in other words they really do not know security and won’t be able to offer you any real help selecting a lock.

Here are some things to look for when Buying Locks On-Line:

  • Can you call them and speak to a real “Lock Person”?
  • Do they offer all levels of security?
  • Do they offer custom lock assembly?
  • Can they cut the quantity of keys that you need?
  • Do they offer patented products?
  • Are they an authorized service center and distributor for major worldwide manufacturers?

So, the above statement “All On-Line Lock Stores are not Created Equal” is very true. If you go to a big box store to buy a padlock, you find the padlock shelf and pick out the padlock. You will not get any help as to the security level or special keying options. You will find the same problem with some On-Line Lock stores, no help in selecting the right lock for your application.

When you go to an On-Line Lock Store web site, it should be easy to find the type of lock you are looking for. From there you should find option selections such as; color, shackle length, keyed alike or keyed different, number of keys needed and other options. How many locks do you need? Let’s say you want to order 25 padlocks and want one key to open them all (keyed alike). You also want these padlocks to offer a patented keyway with the keys registered to you (high security). Can you get this from an On-Line Lock Store, yes you can from the right store.

If you are having a problem selecting a lock look for their 800 number, it should be easily found, and call them, you should be able to speak to a lock professional that can help you select the correct lock. If you can’t call them leave that site.

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