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How to make a shed should not be intimidating. Contrary to popular opinion there are many who contend that making a shed is easy. We believe with the right information and proper schematics the project can be a fun task. You can find an abundance of articles about various ways to construct your own shed published on the internet. The economic value of building your own shed is money and time. All you need is a few good tips about how to make your own shed.

Proper planning is always the key to success. Therefore, the first step is to decide what type of shed you want to construct. If you are one of those people that have the wherewithal to design your own shed, then don’t let us convince you otherwise. You can find more than enough websites with articles about erecting sheds and be helpful as a tremendous guide for you.

After deciding on the type of shed you want to build, then you must also get permission from the local authorities or county and obtain the proper building permits if necessary.

Next, where in your yard you are going to build your shed. Consider whether or not your shed will be accessible to water, electrical resources and a phone.

There is an old saying that a building is only as good as its foundation. When considering the cost to build you will need to decide whether or not you are going to cut cost in your foundation or somewhere else. In any event, there are two types of foundations available: Skid or Concrete. Skids are the most cost efficient. They require timber and gravel. The timber foundation needs to be placed next to each other. The gravel is used two inches underneath the timber for extra rain channel. This type of foundation is the one that is consistently used in most people backyards.

Concrete foundations are less flexible but offer lasting protection. Normally this foundation is used on huge building structures. You might also find this foundation in cold climates and gives the capability to withstand any movement in the ground due to the freeze-thaw cycle. There greatest asset is durability and strength. They can be cumbersome to construct.

Construction of your wall is next once the foundation has been completed. You have various options of the kind of wall you want to construct also. You can build a wall with broad wood planks. They have two wood beams and no padding. This method is fast and easy. The other type is taking two pieces of plywood and a piece of lattice sandwiched in between to create a wall that is strong. You also get a little padding which makes it look elegant.

When considering the door accurate measurements are very important. You want your doors to freely open and close efficiently. The doors are the only moving parts of a shed. Therefore, durability is surely a consideration. It is extremely important that they fit the space allotted for the door or doors.

Last but not least is the roof. Just as you need a solid foundation you also need a solid roof. While the roof can add Character and style to your shed it also protects the shed from rain and the sun. You want a roof that is pleasing to the eye and cost efficient. The most commonly used roofs for sheds are Gable and Barn.

Though how to make a shed consumes a lot of effort and time, when you see the finished product it is well worth the effort. Even though you have many variety of sheds you also have just as many ways to build a shed. All you need is the right planning, patience and efficient use of your time. Then you will have the shed of your dreams.

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