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There’s more to deciding which company is right for your storage needs than immediately meets the eye. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.

Size of Units

How much do you need to store? It’s necessary to make sure that the facility you choose has units that are big enough to house everything you need with enough room to maneuver, reorganize, and take things in and out as necessary. If you need to access your self-storage unit often, having a little extra space will go a long way for convenience, and having an aisle may help immensely. Wide aisles are key for many situations. At the same time, bigger units cost more, so choosing the smallest one that will meet your needs will save money, especially if you don’t need to get in and out very often.


How often will you need to access your belongings? Will you need to access them on short notice? Make sure you find a company that will let you in and out as often as you need.

Climate Control

If the type of material you need to house will be affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations, make sure the facility you decide on can keep the climate at your desired level to avoid damage. You don’t want to return after six months or a year to find everything in poor condition.

Special Storage Needs

Do you need to store a boat or a car? What about an RV? Not every company can handle this type of job, but many can. Find one with a highly trained, knowledgeable staff that can take the best care of any special items you need to stow away and protect.

Extra Amenities

It’s worth it to scope out the location in person to see whether the self-storage units feature qualities that will ease the process. Roll-up doors are one example of something that makes hauling things in and out a breeze compared to more cramped units. Paved driveways also make for a cleaner move-in/move out experience, and they allow you to drive right up to the space you’ve rented.


Every self-storage facility’s primary focus should be keeping your belongings (and your person) safe and secure. Are there cameras around the premises? Are there alarms installed in each unit to protect against burglary? Is there trained and certified security staff on hand?

Customer Service

It’s important to choose a facility that has a reputation for superior customer service. Employees that are willing to be accommodating and help you figure out the specifics of storing your particular set of belongings will make your experience much smoother. The point is to ease your life, not add extra hassle. There are many questions that arise with storing important belongings, and employees of the company should be able to answer any and all questions and help you to determine the type of unit that is best for you.

Thinking about all these factors ahead of time will help you make an informed decision about self-storage.

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