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There have been many reviews written about many different models of steam floor cleaners. This one will focus on a few I believe are the better models available. The Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, the Bissell, the Shark by Europro, the SteamFast SF-140 by Steam Fast, the Monster and the Haan Steam Mop. So, let’s find out what the best steam floor cleaner for your home is.

There are many things one must consider when looking to buy a steam floor cleaner, let’s take some time and look at some important features to consider shall we?

The build – ideally must me light weight so you can easily lift and manoeuvre it with one hand, it needs to be sturdy to last for a few years. A flimsily built steam mop will not last long and repairs and maintenance could make it a rather expensive experience. Best built, Enviro 313A, the Monster and the Bissell. Placement of the Water supply can also make a difference and I will refer to this later.

Cord length – Most steam floor cleaners have cords less than twenty (20) feet long. The Enviro 313A and the Monster have cords that are twenty five (25) feet long which means you’ll cover more space with out having to unplug and plug into another power socket.

Steam Temperature – You want to be able to remove stubborn grime and dirt build up without having to leave the steamer over one spot too long, if at all. Three models will provide temperatures in excess of 210 degrees, The Enviro 313A (220), the Haan (212) and the Monster (266). You want to be sure that when you’ve cleaned your floor that you’ve at least killed off any bacteria and viruses that the kids and pets bring in every day right? You bet! Leave your floors clean and sanitised.

Water Capacity – It’s important that the amount of water is sufficient for you to be able to clean without having to stop and fill up every ten minutes. The models that held the most water and provided the longest clean per tank of water are, the Enviro 313A (20 ounces) twenty minutes, the Monster (17 ounces) fifteen minutes and the others aren’t worth mentioning.

Water Supply Placement – It’s important where the steam is created and delivered to the steam mop head. So where the water supply, heating and delivery happens in relation to the steam mop head is relevant to the temperature when the steam hits your floor. I found that the further away from the mop head the steam is created the cooler it was by the time it was dispersed from the mop head. Those models with the water supply and the steam creating process happening on the mop head provided the hottest steam and the easiest clean. Best placement, the Eureka Envirosteamer 313A and the Monster,

Mop Head and Steam Holes – The bigger (width and length) the mop head the more floor area you can cover saving you time. It may also be pertinent for you to consider the depth (height) of the mop head as this may determine your ability to use your steam floor cleaner under cabinets and the likes. The steam holes must be spread widely across the mop head and should be placed right up to the edge of the mop head. There should be multiple steam holes and washable microfibre or cotton cloths should be supplied with your purchase.

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