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A beautiful collection of knives and/or swords must be taken care of properly in order for it to hold its value. Here are some tips to help you take care of, secure, display and enjoy your collection:

Maintaining Your Blades

To keep your blades in perfect shape, you will need to perform maintenance on them several times a year. Unsheath the blade carefully and use a soft, clean cotton cloth to wipe the blade. Then apply the appropriate polishing powder or other polishing substance carefully along the blade using the cloth, rubbing it in carefully. Remove any excess powder or oil. Then re-sheath the blade.

You should take care to avoid touching the blade of any knife or sword with your fingers. The oil from your fingers can cause damage to many blades.

Proper maintenance and care of your collection is especially important because a collection can be damaged from improper care or not enough care. Once pieces are damaged, not only will the damage be unsightly, but the value of your collection will take a significant hit.

For easiest care of your collection, consider purchasing a blade care kit, which should consist of oil, polishing liquid or powder, special polishing papers or cloths and a care guide.

Displaying Your Collection

There are many display choices available for showing off your prized collectible knives and swords. From display cases that lock to display shelves, stands and chests. There are options for the smallest knives to the largest swords. When choosing displays for your knives and swords, consider safety and protection. Also consider that proper display of your collection will increase the value of your collection by protecting your collection from damage from handling.

Securing Your Collection

Special care should be taken to protect your collection and your family. If you have children or teens in your family, take care to secure your collection by locking it. In this case, a locking glass case may be appropriate for displaying your collection. A glass case allows the collection to be viewable, but the case can be secured by a lock. Regardless of the age of your children, you should be strict on keeping your collection out of their hands.

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