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The demand for additional energy sources continues to push prices upward and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Installing a home wind generator is an effective strategy to minimize your home energy costs for years to come.

Up to now, both wind and solar power solutions for the home have been marketed by emphasizing their contributions to the environment and those should not be overlooked. But, there are practical considerations that you must be aware of before embarking on a home installation.

As with all things in life, there are both benefits and drawbacks to owning and installing a wind power generator. Here are the most important:

Issues to consider

  • It is not “free energy”. There are costs, often substantial, to buying and installing small wind turbines on your home. It takes a careful consideration of these costs versus what you are paying now to the power company to decide if it will be economically feasible for your unique situation.
  • You need wind for home wind generators to work. Before making any investment it is critical that you do your homework and determine if your location gets enough wind to generate power consistently. A good place to start is This site has quite a lot of very specific information regarding average wind speeds in every state.
  • There will be some noise generated by your wind power generator. It won’t be a lot but, as the blades turn they displace the air which does in turn create some small background noise. I mention this only because you will see some claims that small wind turbines are “noiseless” and that is just not true.
  • Installation of home wind generators is subject to local building codes. And, in some locations, existing codes prohibit installation. Installing a home wind power generator is a substantial undertaking and should be permitted correctly with your local building regulations.


  • Converting your home to wind power generators means you have gone “Green” and are no longer using a non-renewable energy source (most often coal or fossil fuels) to power your home.
  • If you plan to stay in your home for a period of time even the most costly home wind generator installations will be paid back in terms of energy savings. You will no longer dread the next inevitable rate hike from the power company.
  • As the nation’s power grid continues to deteriorate having a small wind turbine can mean your home will continue to have power even through blackouts and brownouts.
  • Some commercial power companies will agree to buy any excess additional energy your wind power generator produces. Not only does this mean your clean, renewable energy source is contributing to the overall good, it will also further reduce your energy costs

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