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Green Renewable Energy is energy that comes from natural resources which are continually replenished like water, the sun and wind. Before we became more conscious of renewable energy we were intertwined with fossil fuels and pollution driven factories that produce our energy. Burning of these fossil fuels produces around 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year when our natural environment could only absorb about half of that. These greenhouse gases are the very thing that contributes toward global warming. There are more fossil fuel power plants then we know what to do with and only just recently we took a stand on green renewable energy to help preserve our planet. However, although wind farms are increasing in size, only about 16% of renewable energy globally comes from green renewable sources.

We have to do our part to make a tangible difference for cleaner air, a stronger economy and a great stewardship of our resources. This will help us to achieve better health for ourselves and our children as well as sustain our planet. You can easily reduce the amount of carbon emissions by 11,533 pounds just by switching to a 50% renewable green energy source. This is like taking one car off the road for an entire year, planting hundred 34 trees that grow over the course of 10 years and not using 587 gallons of gasoline.

In most states there is energy deregulation. This deregulation allows you to be able to change the supplier portion of your electric and gas to a third-party supplier. These third-party suppliers are usually more cost-efficient than your actual utility company.

Here’s some simple things we can do to help save our planet and benefit us by saving money while doing it:

• Turn off your lights when not using them. Also, unplug appliances that are not being used. Every appliance continuously draws from your electricity weather it’s on or off.

• If you have a fireplace it is always a good idea to make sure the flue is closed. You may want to install some glass doors to help keep the warm in your house once you’ve finished using your fireplace.

• Get a digital electronic thermostat to schedule your heat and or air conditioner to come on around your schedule time. If you go on vacation it is a good idea to set your thermostat at 60°, assuming its cold outside. Some apartment owners illegally required to go no lower than 68°.

• If you don’t have great floors, it is a good idea to cover your floors with good padding and rugs. Rugs add to the retention of heat as well as to the beauty of your home.

• Insulate your water heater. This will add to the length of time that the water actually stays heated and it will come on less causing you to use less energy. Change your water heater thermostat from 140 F to 120 F or lower may save you more than $100 a year.

• Locate a green renewable energy company to replace the supply portion of your energy bill to reduce the cost of energy you are paying.

• Energy bulbs are great! An energy-saving CFL bulb only uses 20 watts of power to create the same light as an old traditional 100 watt incandescent bulb. One CFL bulb lasts as long as 8 incandescent bulbs.

• Don’t throw batteries away because they create toxins that winds up in our water and back in the land which is bad for the environment. Take your batteries to toxic waste disposal areas for proper disposal.

• Most states have deregulation as far as the electricity and gas are concerted. Switch over to a renewable green energy company to help save the planet and save yourself some money. This is a very important step and most have saved as much as 50 percent on utility cost.

• We all love food and believe it or not your freezer saves energy when it is full. You can reduce the amount of times and compressor kicks on by simply adding gallon jugs of water to the freezer.

• Seal windows and doors, not only in the winter time but the summer as well.

All of these things can benefit us in more than one way. Health and financially, just by reducing the amount of energy we use and use renewable energy will substantially benefit each and every one of us. If we just simply changeover to an affordable green renewable energy of let’s say 50% renewable energy you can considerably save money over time and put that money into something a lot more useful.

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